Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Home again

So we're back from North Carolina and the Highland Games, and had a LOVELY time. Days full of music. Men in kilts, wearing them to varying degrees of success. Nonstop pipes, also being played to varying degrees of success. Clanning with the Armstrongs, MacFarlans, and MacDonalds. Grandfather Mountain is a beautiful, mystical place, especially in the early morning. The stones seem like ancient creatures creeping through the mist and the slanting half-light; you lose all sense of time, and then, all of see Mel Gibson (aka William Wallace) emerging from the forest primeval...oh darn, it's just one of those dadgum Pictish drummer guys from Albannach. Ah weel.

We had a great time visiting with Scottish friends Jim and Susie Malcolm and Alabama friends Jil Chambliss and Scooter Muse of the band Henri's Notions. They were at the Games as two-thirds of the Ed Miller Trio. Ed is a transplanted Scot living in Texas, and an absolute hoot to be around. We all enjoyed a wonderful cookout Saturday night thrown by Cindy and Dave Parker at their Parkview Lodge cabins. What an evening! Nights like that, you get to hear musicians go off in directions you wouldn't ever imagine - Jim Malcolm singing Hank Williams - the boy can yodel, let me tell ya! His wife Susie just sat there with an amazed look on her face and said, "I've NEVER EVER heard him do that!". And that night, Jim and Susie's kids were introduced to the joys of kettle corn, s'mores, and the "Corndog Song."


You don't know the CORNDOG SONG???

Buy me a corndog and put ketchup on it,
Buy me a corndog, and get you one too!
I love them corndogs, they are so deelicious,
So buy me a corndog, and get you one too!

Consider yerself enlightened. Guaranteed to drive any parent crazy on a long car trip.

It was a lovely time in North Carolina, and then it was on to Georgia for the Starbridge Celtic Festival. What a beautiful place Starbridge Sanctuary is, about an hour above Atlanta. My sister Joy lives not too far away either, so we stayed with her for the weekend and then we all trekked to Murrayville on Saturday. The festival was small, and set in a perfect jewel of a meadow beside a lake.

We met up again with Jim and Susie and the kids, and also had sweet friend Ruth from Lawrenceville, GA with us. This is pretty much how we spent our day and were happy to do so:

Jim was the headliner for the festival, so of course he spent most of the day fishing.

We girls, however, were far more clever in our pursuits:

The evening ended with Jim's set, couples waltzing in the grass to "Ae Fond Kiss", and a full moon rising over the meadow. A grand time all in all. Now we're back home, back to the old grind...but with lots of sweet memories to look back on.
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Kiamyka said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic time. I smiled at the Corndog Song - here in Yorkshire the kids have one sung to to the tune of John Browns Body - the lyrics are so simple - every line is:
I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves"
and yes it does haha
xx Chris

Cindy said...

Oh, I'm going to have to remember that song! The funniest bit was explaining to his Scottish mummy exactly what a corndog was!

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